Chalkewadi, the plateau is about 100 sq. kms and average height is more than 3000 feet from sea level, is the ideal location for Wind Energy Projects. More than 500 towers has been erected for generation of electricity. This is also a sight to watch.



Built in 1978 on Krishna river, 13.50 TMC Dhom Dam is very beautiful spot to visit. Hydroelectric Project of 2 Mw. 44 Km from Satara City ( 9 Km from Wai ). Boat Club facility available here, which can be viewed from Table Land of Pachgani. Aqua culture activities are being taken up in this dam.

Kanher Dam

Kanher dam is situated in Kanher. Mahabaleshwar is 30 to 35 km away. You could see the dam from the Dund village plateau; Paabal the waterfall is the mail attraction for me in the village lots of green mountains calling you. I wish to build one hotel over there at Chikanwadi or at Ekiv this would be the greatest place to visit in winter. Government should take action to promote tourism there.

Koyna Dam

Koyna Dam beautiful picnic spot. Nehru garden near the Dam is also good place to visit. One of the largest Dam in the state built on Koyna river, completed in 1963 with capacity 98.78 TMC. Hydroelectric Project of 1920 MW. 98 Kms from Satara, 20 Kms from Patan.